100 Years of Alaska's Legislature
"From Territorial Days to Today"


Juneau, Alaska

20th Territorial Legislature

Urban Infrastructure Developed


Sport Fishing Licenses Adopted

The infrastructure expansion that began in 1949 continued in the urban areas. Not just limited to military facilities, non-military homes, roads, schools, and commercial buildings were constructed. Despite this continued growth, shortages of housing, schools, and adequate sewage treatment facilities continued to be prevalent.
The 20th Territorial Legislature introduced 270 bills and enacted 134. Some of the more notable measures enacted by this Legislature

  • Directed the Board of Regents to expand the University of Alaska;
  • Passed the Motor Vehicle Act, which included provisions for vehicle registration, titling, an annual license tax, and transfers of titles;
  • Created the Territorial Banking Board to regulate the banking business in Alaska;
  • Adopted the Alaska Banking Code;
  • Created the Territorial Civil Defense Council and a Department of Civil Defense and established the duties of each;
  • Capped at $30, the weekly benefit amount eligible individuals could receive as unemployment compensation.
  • Required licenses for sport fishing and established licensure fees;
  • Established the Fisherman’s Fund;
  • Amended the Alaska Net Income Tax law; and
  • Reorganized the territorial agencies responsible for finances.

Beyond the Legislature

The highway between Anchorage and Seward is completed.

In 1952, the 369-foot passenger liner Princess Kathleen, runs aground and sinks near Juneau. There is no loss of life.

On June 25, 1951, the very first commercial color TV program is broadcast by CBS.

The United Nations headquarters opens in New York City.

Automobile seat belts are introduced.

William Egan

Gunnard Engebreth